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Uptalent helps you effortlessly hire world-class remote drafters and modelers

Our subscription plans can scale with you, complete with a 7-day risk free guarantee.  You can also try a stand-alone 3D Render, CAD or BIM project before choosing the plan that is right for you.

Architect teams,

Are you in need of more CAD drafters or BIM modelers but struggling to find good talents?  Is the hiring process consuming too much of your time and resources?  We're here to help.

We expertly vet only the top architecture talent from all across the world to join our teams, saving you the time, costs, and hassles of the hiring process.

Our community of specialists possess a diverse set of skills, including deep knowledge in BIM (Revit, Archicad) and CAD services, 3D modeling and Interior Design.  We can quickly custom assemble teams of specialists to meet your specific goals.


Our BIM and CAD designers can start within 24-48 hours of notice, and will be led by a project manager to ensure frictionless communication and fast turnaround.

For the equivalent costs of one CAD/BIM drafter, you get access to an entire pre-vetted team, who will learn your company guidelines and serve as a seamless extension of your in-house team.


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Our Flexible Architectural Design Monthly Plans

Teams are easily scalable as you grow. We have special plans for more than 1 hire.

Reduced Part Time

$28 - $45/hr

10% Discount

40 specialist hours per month

Dedicated specialist and account executive

Team is trained in your company guideline

Communicate directly with team via email, Slack, or calls

7-Day risk-free trial period

Full Time

$24 - $35/hr

30% Discount

160 specialist hours per month

Dedicated specialist and account executive

Weekly stand-up calls

Team is trained in your company guideline

Communicate directly with team via email, Slack, or calls

7-Day risk-free trial period


Part Time

$26 - $40/hr

20% Discount

80 specialist hours per month

Dedicated specialist and account executive

Weekly stand-up calls

Team is trained in your company guideline

Communicate directly with team via email, Slack, or calls

7-Day risk-free trial period

Oakland Civic Center

Courtesy of Orton Development

One of our recent projects involve CAD drafting and REVIT modeling of the entire electrical plans of the Oakland Civic Center.  We have been collaborating directly with Monarch Engineers, the architecture firm in charge of the electrical installations for the project since July 2019.


Our team is comprised of highly experienced design specialists who possess a deep understanding of both design and architecture, ensuring that our progress on the electrical blueprints is always congruent with the latest versions of the building model.


We take care of all the modeling and drafting needs so our client's team can focus on their core tasks.  As the volume of work grow and deadlines get tighter, we are able to easily scale up our team and add resources to meet any deadline.  The results of our work include:

Quality deliveries that are always on time for our client's meetings.

Seamless process through all iterations and project modifications.

Continuous and effective communication between our team and our client's team, including 24/7 responsiveness unimpeded by difference in timezones.


More time for our client to focus on other important tasks 


We needed additional BIM and CAD specialists to help our company speed up production and decided to reach out to Uptalent. From Revit to CAD and other design challenges, the team exceeded our expectations. We appreciate the quality of their designers and a good project manager who communicates quickly and efficiently. We'd absolutely recommend Uptalent to other architecture design firms. ” 


Roberto Cortez, CEO

Monarch Engineers

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